Supervision of Students

Doctoral Students (PhD)

  • Mag. Martina Blank
    Properties of quarks and mesons in the Dyson-Schwinger/Bethe-Salpeter approach,
    completed 2011,
  • Mag. Gernot Eichmann
    Hadron properties from QCD bound-state equations
    completed 2009, co-supervised with R. Alkofer

Master and Diploma Students (Mag. and MSc)

  • Siegfried Kaidisch, BSc
    Using Artificial Neural Networks for the Study of Bound States
    completed 2022
  • Valentin Mader
    Aspects of hadronic transitions of mesons and baryons in the Dyson-Schwinger approach to QCD
    completed 2010
  • Gernot Eichmann
    The analytic structure of the quark propagator in the covariant Faddeev equation of the nucleon
    completed 2006, co-supervised with R. Alkofer

Bachelor Students (BSc)

  • Martin Volk
    Solving Quadratic Equations With Machine-Learning
    completed 2021